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Unless otherwise indicated (*), these websites are NOT affiliated with Main Street Church. Since we do not monitor everything that is posted on others’ websites, our listing them here doesn’t necessarily mean a wholesale endorsement of every view or opinion expressed on those websites. 


Information about Mormonism

*Answers for Mormons  (www.mscbc.org/mormonism)

Our own “clearing house” of information about Mormonism.  It contains a number of our own original articles as well as links to many more resources.

Utah Lighthouse Ministry (www.utlm.org)

The research ministry of Jerald and Sandra Tanner, former Mormons and evangelical Christians who were pioneers in the effort to bring factual, reliable, and well-documented information concerning Mormonism.  The extent of their resources is unequaled.

Mormonism Research Ministry (www.mrm.org)

Another ministry dedicated to sound and thorough research on Mormonism, covering a variety of subjects ranging from history to doctrine to methods of evangelism.

Ex-Mormon Christians United for Jesus (www.unveilingmormonism.com)

The online ministry of Michael and Lynn Wilder, with many good resources.  Lynn is a former BYU professor and the author of the well-received autobiographical book Unveiling Grace, which paints an intimate portrait of her family’s escape from Mormonism.

The Mormon Essays (www.mormonessays.com)

The official Mormon responses on some of the more controversial aspects of Mormonism and its history (racism, polygamy, unusual doctrines, etc.)  The website is NOT an official LDS website, but the essays are collected from the official www.lds.org website.   While these essays reflect the Mormon “spin” on these subjects, they are nonetheless valuable to anyone who is studying modern Mormonism and the way it addresses these matters.


Online Multimedia Resources of Main Street Church

*The Sacred Groves Network (www.sacredgroves.net)

A compilation of extended testimonies of people who have left Mormonism for an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

*Unveiling Grace (the film) (www.unveilinggrace.com)

A documentary about eight Mormons’ life-changing encounters with Jesus Christ, featuring the members of the music ministry Adam’s Road.  Available for online viewing or on DVD.

*The Ex-Mormon Files (www.exmormonfiles.com)

A weekly online television program featuring the stories of people who have left Mormonism for Jesus Christ, featuring as host a former LDS bishop, Earl Erskine.

 *Polygamy: What Love Is This?  (www.whatloveisthis.tv)

A weekly online television program featuring host Doris Hanson.  The program covers a number of topics related to Mormon polygamy from a biblical Christian perspective.


Other Ministry Partners

Adam’s Road Ministry (www.adamsroadministry.com)
*A Shield and Refuge Ministry (www.shieldandrefuge.org)
*The Hagar Home (www.hagarhome.org)

Other Helpful Resources

            Christian Apologetics & Research Committee (www.carm.org)
            Institute for Religious Research (www.irr.org)
            Watchman Fellowship (www.watchman.org)
            The Bible Gateway (www.biblegateway.com)
            The Bible Hub (www.biblehub.com)


Official LDS Websites/Information:

The Main LDS Church information webpage: LDS.org

Mostly intended for investigators and newcomers: mormon.org

Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service:

Online Mormon scriptures (King James Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Pearl of Great Price): www.lds.org/scriptures?lang=eng

LDS General Conference Video, Audio and Transcripts: www.lds.org/general-conference


Other Relevant Information:

List of Prophecies of Joseph Smith:

History of the Church (Volumes 1-7):

Side-by-side Comparison of "Inspired" (Joseph Smith) Version of the BIble and the King James Bible:

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